Services and Rates Overview

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You want to feel good. Relaxed. Comfortable.

That’s why I offer both relaxation and medical massage therapy, so you can feel and function better.

With over 10 years of experience, I have an intuitive touch and can hone in on and address whatever is contributing to your tension or discomfort.

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A Serene Experience

  • Your appointment will be unhurried from start to finish.
  • I really listen to you to design a customized massage based on your needs.
  • My office decor is calming, the lights will be turned low, with options for music, nature sounds, etc.
  • You will receive the full hands-on time you’ve requested.
  • Your massage treatment will be pain free and relaxing, using the pressure you prefer.
  • I’m quiet during your massage, only speaking to check-in on pressure or ask a massage-relevant question.
  • I will offer suggestions to make your results last longer at home and work.

Is this is your first time getting a massage? Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Consultations and Insurance

Please contact me for a free consultation to discuss your needs. If you want to learn more about a specific type of massage, please explore the links under Services below.

Do you have an insurance question? Check out my blog post: How to Save Money on Your Massage, which includes information on insurance, HSAs and FSAs (etc.), how to get a massage prescription from your doctor and more.

Rates for Really Great Relaxation or Medical Massage

Appointment times are HANDS-ON* and do not include health history intake/follow up time. In addition to hands-on time, please allow up to 30 minutes extra for first appointments, 15 minutes extra for return clients.

New Client**
(10% discount)
Regular Price
(over a month
(includes $45 travel fee)
60 min.$99$110$155
90 min.$130.50$145$190
120 min.$166.50$185$230

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*Hands-On Time:
May include postural, range-of-motion and movement assessments, demonstration of suggested exercises, or for pain education, when warranted.

**New Clients:
At FMT office only. Discount may not be applied to gift certificates or combined with other offers.

***Massage at Your Location:
I charge a $45 travel fee for on-site massage within the city of Frederick, MD, my travel area.
These rates apply to single massage sessions at home, hotel or office only. (For appointments further away, please contact me for a quote.) I only charge one travel fee per visit to a location, so if you have multiple people wanting a massage (such as spouses), you will only pay one travel fee total. If you are looking for event massage, please contact me to discuss your needs, thanks!


Links go to more complete descriptions of each type of massage offered:

Custom Therapeutic Massage
A blend of techniques that will reduce stress, tension or pain. Session will include Swedish, Deep Tissue and/or Myofascial Release.
Swedish Massage
The most popular form of relaxation massage. Pressure is light to firm.
Deep Tissue Massage
For knots and muscle tension. Pressure will be firmer overall and comfortably deep on problem areas.
Myofascial Release Massage
Addresses connective tissue dysfunction, a common cause in pain patterns. Pressure is light to deep depending on your needs.
Calms an overactive nervous system stuck in threat-sensitive mode. Good for chronic pain sufferers. Sometimes combined with other techniques, to create a well-rounded treatment plan.
Orthopedic Massage
For acute or chronic pain, postural issues and/or limited range of motion. Session duration includes time needed for orthopedic assessment.
Massage at Your Location
Home, office or event. Please contact me for more information and to determine outcall rates. NOTE: Office sessions may be paid by the company or by the employee.

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