The Truth About Deep Tissue Massage

Contrary to popular belief, Deep Tissue massage is not about the use of deep (or even painful) pressure!

Deep Tissue Refers to Tissue
Deep Pressure Refers to Pressure

Most people actually want deep pressure when they ask for a Deep Tissue massage. If you prefer a massage with a firm touch, ask for firm or deep pressure. A deep pressure massage can be great for general relaxation, to de-stress and to relieve minor aches. (Please keep in mind, deep pressure isn’t always the best when it comes to alleviating pain. If you’re not sure what is really best in your case, we’ll talk about it before you get on the table.)

Man running up stairs.So What is Deep Tissue Massage Really About?

True Deep Tissue massage:

  • relieves tight muscles that reside deeper in the body, making them harder to reach;
  • is primarily applied to problem areas, it is not a full-body treatment;
  • doesn’t always use deep pressure!

What are some of those harder-to-access muscles?

  • the deeper muscles in the thigh and calf,
  • the smaller muscles in the back of the neck (under the trapezius),
  • the muscles under gluteus maximus (which covers nearly the entire rear end),
  • the little muscles between each vertebrae (multifidi),
  • etc.

How True Deep Tissue Massage Works

A thoughtful Deep Tissue therapist seeks to calm the nervous system, the driver of tension and pain. If a massage is so deep that it’s painful, it’s actually a counter-intuitive approach to muscle relaxation. A painful massage provokes the nervous system to create more tension, not less, as the body guards itself. Pain is a sign that the nervous system thinks the body is in threat of being damaged.

After all, how much can you relax when you’re feeling pain? If you’re like me, you tense up the more uncomfortable something is. Likewise you tense up when you’re cold.

Therefore, a good Deep Tissue massage may be done with:

  • the use of heating pads and/or a heated table
  • very slow strokes to calm the nervous system
  • targeted muscle work
  • gentle skin-stretching (yes, this really can work wonders)
  • rhythmic compressions and/or vibration (comfortably shaking an area)
  • a variety of pressures, from light to firm

Deep Tissue massage should be painless, just like all types of therapeutic massage.

The Problem with “No-Pain, No Gain”
(Resistance is Futile)

If you’ve believed that a massage has to be uncomfortable to be beneficial, I encourage you to reconsider. “No-pain, no-gain” is an idea that’s falling out of favor, both in manual therapy as well as athletics. In fact, causing pain during massage is contrary to the understanding of modern pain science. Pain creates a stress response in the body. “Even if it is subtle, stress hormones are released, blood vessels constrict, muscles tighten, and the body resists our efforts. The effect is exactly the opposite of what we want to achieve.”[1]

Uncomfortable massage is perceived as a threat by the nervous system, causing the body to guard. Imagine how you tense up when tickled. Tickling is a form of threat and the nervous system stiffens, creating resistance. If the pressure of a massage is considered threatening, the nervous system resists. When the goal of a massage is relaxation of the muscles, creating resistance is futile!

So let me help you by providing a pain-free, yet firm massage, using advanced techniques to really help you relax.

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[1] Painless Deep Tissue Massage by Alice Sanvito.


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"When I leave a session with Marlene—I have the feelings of someone that just got fantastic news. I believe her touch encourages you to connect with yourself and at the same time let go of stress and let her help. I find in my sessions with her—she is attentive/knowledgeable and intuitive to the point where verbal communication is not necessary. She is truly talented.” — Gina Click
"Marlene Mayman has a unique and amazing gift of healing through the art of massage therapy. After just two sessions, she provided me with much-needed pain relief from a pinched ulnar nerve, as a result of whiplash. I had tried months of physical therapy with no success. I was so desperate to escape the numbness in my hand & arm and to my amazement she accomplished what others could not do. I feel so fortunate to have found the gift of Marlene… My husband sees her as well and we cannot sing her praises enough. Thank you, Marlene!” — Becky Stallings Schneider
"My entire upper body feels much improved. The most noticeable effect is the lack of pain in that little area near my shoulder blades. This is such a relief. I have been on the computer for long periods of time, and it has not been a problem. Also, my entire shoulder area feels more flexible and there is significantly less pain on that left side. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put in to this.” — Alison Roeser
"I have suffered with carpel tunnel for many years. Marlene was able to improve my situation tremendously in a few visits. Marlene is not your average therapist; she is highly trained, committed to excellence and very professional in all she does. I would trust her and recommended her to anyone without reservation.” — Mac Caldwell

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